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Work injuries and occupational diseases

Work injuries and occupational diseases


Article 89

When applying the provisions of the Work Injury Insurance in accordance with the Social Insurance Law, these provisions shall, for the insured subject to this insurance, supersede the provisions of the following articles for work injuries and occupational diseases.


Article 90

If the worker is injured in an accident due to work, during or on the way to and from work, the employer shall notify the accident as soon as it occurs or as soon as he is aware of it, to the following: a. The
police station in his jurisdiction.
(B) Managing the work within the jurisdiction of the place of work.
(C) The social insurance institution or insurance company insured by its workers against work injuries.
Such notification may be made by the worker if his case permits and his representative may do so.


Article 91

Without prejudice to the provisions of Law No. (1) of 1999 on health insurance for foreigners and the imposition of fees for health services, the employer shall bear the expenses of treating the injured worker from work injuries and occupational diseases in a government hospital or the private medical treatment centers he determines, including the value of medicines and transportation expenses. In his estimation, the attending physician shall determine the period of treatment, the percentage of the deficit resulting from the injury and the ability of the worker to continue the work.

The worker and the employer may, at the request of the competent department, object to the medical report within one month from the date of its notification before the Medical Arbitration Committee at the Ministry of Health.


Article 92

Each employer shall periodically provide the competent ministry with a statistical report on accidents at work and occupational diseases.

The Minister shall issue a decision on the specified dates.

Article 93

A worker suffering from a work injury or occupational disease shall have the right to receive his wage for the duration of the treatment prescribed by the doctor. If the period of treatment exceeds six months, he shall be paid only half of the wage until he is cured, found to be disabled or dies.


Article 94

The injured worker or his beneficiaries shall have the right to compensation for work injury or occupational diseases according to the schedule issued by a decision of the Minister, after taking the opinion of the Minister of Health.


Article 95

The right of the worker to compensation for injury shall be forfeited if proved by the investigation:

    • A- The worker may intentionally injure himself.
    • (B) The injury has been caused by obscene and deliberate misconduct by the worker, and shall be deemed to be any act that the injured comes under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and any violation of the instructions concerning the prevention of work hazards and damage to the profession suspended in a visible place of work, unless this arises. In addition, the worker dies or leaves a permanent disability that exceeds (25%) of the total disability



Article 96

If the worker becomes infected with an occupational disease or develops symptoms of occupational diseases during his service or within one year of leaving work, the provisions of Articles 95,94,93 of this Law shall apply.


Article 97
    1. 1. The medical report issued by the attending physician or the decision of the medical arbitration committee on the condition of the injured worker shall determine the responsibility of the former employers.


  1. 2. The worker or the beneficiaries thereafter shall receive the compensation provided for in Article (94) from the General Organization for Social Insurance or the insured company, as the case may be, and each may refer to the previous employers in their obligations stipulated in paragraph (1) of this Article.

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