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Individual Employment Contract Labor Law

Individual employment contract
Chapter I: Composition of the Employment Contract


Article 27

Those who have reached the age of fifteen years are eligible to enter into a contract of employment.


Article 28


The contract of employment shall be fixed in writing and shall indicate in particular the date of the conclusion of the contract, the date of its entry into force, the value of the wage and the duration of the contract, if the term is fixed, the nature of the work, and three copies are copied and copied. Work in an editor The contract is deemed to exist and the worker may in this case prove his right in all ways of proof.

Whether the employment contract is fixed-term or indefinite, the wage of the worker may not be reduced during the validity of the contract. Any agreement prior to the validity of the contract or subsequent to its validity shall be deemed to be absolute nullity in relation to the public order.

The employer may not entrust the worker to perform work incompatible with the nature of the work set out in the contract or disproportionate to the qualifications and experience of the worker on which the contract was contracted.


Article 29


All contracts shall be written in the Arabic language and a translation may be added in one of the other languages, taking into account the Arabic text in case of any dispute. The provisions of this article shall apply to all correspondence, bulletins, regulations and regulations.


Article 30


If the contract of employment is of a fixed duration, the duration of the contract shall not be more than five years and not less than one year.


Article 31


If the contract of employment is of a fixed duration and the parties continue to implement it after the expiry of its term without renewal, it shall be deemed to be renewed for a similar period and under the conditions set forth therein, unless the parties agree to renew it under other conditions and in any case whatsoever.


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